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Independent Jewelry Appraiser

Gem Appraisals Unlimited LLC offers the widest array of jewelry valuation and consultation for clients in the Southern California, Inland Empire and Desert areas. As an independent jewelry appraiser, Ms. Brossmer has no vested interest in any of the property she examines, so her appraisals are completely objective and always accurate.

Private Individuals may need jewelry appraisals for insurance coverage, estate and trust administration or divorce settlement and equitable property distribution purposes. All appraisals are based on research in the appropriate market. Appraisal reports include detailed descriptions and photographs.

Government & Law Enforcement Agencies often require consultation and valuation for seized property. With her portable gem laboratory, on-site examinations are thorough and accurate.

Litigation support is offered at Gem Appraisals Unlimited LLC and often required for liquidation purposes.

Other Domestic Reasons Divorce and dissolution of marriages require highly accurate valuation for equitable distribution of property. Estate Planning and Trust Formation or Federal estate tax will need thorough and accurate appraisals. A professional jewelry appraisal is almost always required when making a non-cash charitable donation (for purposes of IRS deduction).

Post Loss appraisals are often required for insurance claims, litigation support, and casualty loss IRS filing. Such assignments require value conclusions based on review of supporting documents and interviews. Ms. Brossmer has significant experience in this type of assignment.

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